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Electric wheelchair lithium battery features and how to maintain
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Electric wheelchair lithium battery features and how to maintain

Lithium-electric wheelchairs have gradually entered the market of electric wheelchairs. Most electric wheelchairs on the market still use lead-acid batteries to provide power. With the rise of new energy sources for lithium batteries, the development of the lithium electric wheelchair industry is in full swing. The development and application of lithium batteries are also quite extensive, such as digital 3C, instrumentation, power tools, electric bicycles, thinking cars, communication base stations, etc. will be applied to lithium batteries.

     The advantages of lithium battery relative to lead battery are relatively obvious: high energy density; long service life; high rate discharge; low self-discharge rate; light weight, small size; strong adaptability and environmental protection. However, the price cost is relatively expensive compared to lead batteries, and the production conditions are also relatively high. However, it is well controlled in the increasingly mature production process, production process and production cost, and will be more widely used in future application trends.

    There is a difference between battery maintenance for lithium electric wheelchairs and maintenance of lead batteries:

1. The lithium electric wheelchair battery should be charged with a special charger. The charger cannot be replaced at will, otherwise it will easily damage the battery.

2, to develop the habit of charging more every day. However, it is still necessary to develop the habit of charging every day, so that the battery is in a shallow circulation state, which is good for prolonging the service life of the battery. The lead storage battery is about 50%-70% discharge, which can be used to maximize the utilization and effectively protect the battery.

3, in addition to daily charging, after use, you should charge as soon as possible, as much as possible to make the battery full. If it is not charged in time, the battery capacity will be gradually reduced and the battery life will be shortened.